Market Knowledge

When you work with The Knollwood Agency, you have a business partner with extensive market knowledge and brokerage experience.

The Knollwood Agency was founded on a consultative broker approach. Some brokers are purely transactional, meaning their priority is simply to find the lowest rate products.

At The Knollwood Agency, we help clients think strategically about their benefits plan as a tool to attract and retain high caliber employees, and maximize ROI. We look out for your interests by identifying the competitive products that exist in the market, but we also make sure they fit into your business goals and culture.

As a broker, we’re independent and work with all available carriers. Our transactions are open and transparent to you.

Our strengths also include:

As your business partner we’re willing to advocate for you and your employees to resolve issues with carriers, applying our experience and relationship with those carriers to your advantage.

Office Locations

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East Side Location:

70 Linden Oaks Dr. Ste. 300
Rochester, NY 14625




West Side Location:

2800 Dewey Avenue
Rochester, NY 14616