There are no words to express how appreciative I am of Carrie's assistance. I found myself in a very frustrating, confusing, and unfair insurance debacle through no fault of my own. Carrie not only took time to explain things to me clearly and act as a liaison between multiple parties, but she showed me through word and action that she truly personally cared. This meant the most to me, as the parties actually at fault have shown complete indifference at best. Although Carrie is not to blame for my situation and cannot "fix" it for me, she has done everything else she could to guide me through my options and expedite a final outcome. It's comforting to know there are still genuinely kind and helpful people out there.  

Jenna N.

  I am working on my retirement plans… as you know this includes a lot of issues including health care. Carrie Wood was recommended to me by the Wealth Management company I am working with. In a session on our retirement planning with Carrie and my wife, we asked Carrie a question about health care for my wife’s 86-year-old mother. With all 4 of my wife’s siblings in town for just a couple of days, we needed to speak to someone knowledgeable quickly. Carrie obliged us with a late Friday afternoon Zoom meeting including all of the siblings and me.

In short… Carrie was amazing. Her knowledge of the various plans was impressive, but even more impressive was Carrie’s patience, customer service skills, and kind heart. Carrie guided us through the discussion, and we ended up in a great spot… with coverage for mom.

In my position, I’ve dealt with many “vendors” in my career. Carrie is a partner. There is a huge difference. Just wanted to share this great experience with you.  

Joe B.

  This is the second year I have worked with Carrie to guide me through the Medicare process and I want to let you know to know how impressed I have been with her. She is so knowledgeable, patient, thorough, and goes above and beyond to assist whatever is needed.
Last year was overwhelming for me to navigate the Medicare process. When I first met with Carrie she immediately put my worries at ease and thoroughly assisted finding the best insurance plan for my needs.
I will be referring anyone I know to Carrie and your agency who is looking for medical insurance or starting the Medicare process.  

Deb D.

  Working with Carrie Wood has been a godsend for our health insurance needs at InsuranceTrak Services. We specialize in the P&C side of the insurance business, so don't handle health, dental, etc. It's a very complex market with a lot of moving parts (especially for businesses), so having people like Carrie & Jane to help us navigate these murky waters is extremely helpful. They bend over backwards to help us understand plans and coverage. I would highly recommend them whether you need group medical insurance, individual medical insurance, medicare, etc. Thank you!  

Craig B.

  Carrie was wonderful. She walked us through the complicated world of Medicare. Explained in detail everything. Helped us through it all and even when we were about to push the button on one plan and things happened that changed it, she was the best at trying and succeeding to find us the right plan for our needs. Thank You so very much for all the hard work."  

Deborah and Daniel K.

  I am the Treasurer for the Village of Avon, and Ahrens Benefits Company is our broker. Carrie's exceptional customer service, knowledge and expertise are reasons why I have worked with her for many years. Carrie is also the key person for our retirees by helping them navigate their health insurance options. I can't say enough about Carrie & recommend Ahrens Benefits Company as a trusted advisor. 

Christine Q.

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